Corporate Social Responsibility:

CSR is a set of actions of a company that changes business operations to improve, maintain, or mitigate a company’s impact on society and the environment. The purpose of CSR is to identify and improve a company’s impact on society and the environment, while driving stronger business results such as brand enhancement, market differentiation, and employee satisfaction. CSR is a behavioral and programmatic approach to shaping company actions and strategy.

At SCT Plush, CSR is of great importance to us. We strive to inform and educate ourselves, our partners, our employees, our sub-contractors and their management teams about why the workers’ conditions and high ethical standards are important to all of us and our clients. This will also benefit the company itself in the long run having our most valued employees returning every year after the Chinese New Year, thus ensuring that we maintain a high level of quality.

We believe the trust placed in us as employers’ is something that must be handled with the upmost of care, understanding and respect. The principles and values found in our Code of Conduct are an integral part of our rigorous commitment we have made to sustain this trust.

SCT Plush is committed to making a clear and positive difference to those who we are responsible for, our valued employees.  As we grow and develop our business, we also help our employees to grow and develop together with us by providing employment that encompasses a financially stable salary with real benefits, safe work environment and a work place where no bias, discrimination or prejudices of any kind exist. Once an individual has the above situation then he/she can use that stability to improve their and their families’ lives. That is what it is about.

It is our responsibility to equip our employees with the awareness and skills necessary to make a positive contribution inside and outside this organization.

We are continually conducting training, workshops and outings for our staff. Normally, these happen around each major public Chinese holiday. We use the outings to update and review everyone on past training and awareness programs and we incorporate many team building games and activities to make it fun and to help create a family environment.

You can download a draft of our Code of Conduct, here.


Environmental Policy:

One main focus has been on reducing waste material and thereby minimizing our environmental footprint.

We have a moral obligation to minimize the negative environmental impact of our doing business, and to use our knowledge, skills and influence to encourage all those around us to do the same.

Our target is to effectively perform our operations and deliver our services with the least negative impact possible to the environment. Our environmental target is to, ultimately, try and make SCT Plush carbon neutral.

This environmental policy is a formal statement from management and advised of at all levels to all employees.

SCT Plush will:

  • Use natural resources conservatively by recycling and reusing where feasible.
  • Minimize the use of non-recyclable natural resources.
  • Follow all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Integrate care for the environment in all aspects of our business and aim to involve employees,
  • customers and suppliers alike.
  • Strive to develop and market products that are safe in their intended use, energy efficient, protective of the environment, and can be reused, recycled and/or disposed of safely.
  • Use product development processes that seek to minimize any adverse effects on the environment.
  • Store, handle and dispose of all potentially hazardous substances and wastes in a safe and proper manner.
  • Encourage reduction, reuse and recycling in all of our activities.
  • Encourage responsible use of resources throughout our business, including conserving energy and water use and improving energy efficiency.
  • Be open to suggestions for improvements regarding environmental issues.