Below you will find our ‘frequently asked questions’ section.

What is your MOQ?
We don’t have a set MOQ but we are limited by the MOQ of the fabric mills. It would normally work out to be around 2000 units for a standard 10 inch plush toy. However, it would completely depend on the design of the toy and the type of fabric used.

What is your mass production lead time?
From after approval of the final sample till the goods are ready to be shipped is around 30 – 55 days, depending on the nature of the order.

What is your sample production sample lead time?
Sampling time can take between 5 days and 21 days, depending on the toy design. If we are developing a new complex toy design, the sample time can be longer compared to making a counter sample of an existing product.

What are your trade terms?
Our trade terms for established clients with large regular orders are negotiable and flexible. For new customers, we usually work with the standard 30% deposit and 70% balance payment before shipment.

Can you make the retail packaging for plush toys?
For retail packaging we are extremely competitive and efficient. We have saved many clients a headache or two by sorting this aspect out for them. We work with a professional sub-contractor who has been in the business for over 30 years.

Can you make just the ‘skins’ or ‘shells’ of plush toys because I stuff them here in the States?
Yes, we can! Skins or shells are quite popular and we have many years experience supplying a few big names in the business.

Can you make plush toys that include technology?
Absolutely! We’ve made countless plush toys that feature music boxes and lights.

Can you make ‘life-like’ plush toys?
For life-like animals with spray painted features we work with a very experienced professional sub-contractor. 

Are you a socially responsible employer?
Most definitely! Our employees well being is of great importance to us. Our employees and colleagues are treated very well. We rely 100% on them to help us run our operation and our own standards on this far exceeds the local law and practices. Please refer to our CSR page.

Are your plush toys safe?
The plush toys we manufacture for our clients and ultimately for children, meet and exceed all the main global safety standards. Please refer to our toy safety page.

Can we visit your factory?
Anytime! You are always more than welcome. We would love to show you around and get you acquainted with our production facility.

Can we send send third party inspections to your factory during production?
Yes, you can. You are more than welcome to send 3rd party inspection teams to check up on our production.

Can you assist us with testing?
Yes, we can! We have worked with Yangzhou Import & Export Toy Inspection Institute of China for many years and therefore get favourable rates for the testing of our plush toys.

What is your production capacity?
Our production capacity is 2 million units annually.