Our Services

SCT Plush Toy manufacturing is your one stop solution to all your plush toy needs. Our services include:

Design, Develop and Mass Produce Plush Toys From Sketch or Existing Sample

SCT-Plush can design your plush toys from an existing brand character or mascot, or create it from the ground up.  In other words we design, develop and mass produce plush toys from scratch to best suit our client’s needs or we counter sample plush toys from existing samples provided by our clients themselves.

Introducing the Newest and Most Interesting Fabrics

With so many years in the plush toy business, we know all the right people at all the prominent local mills and this enables us to provide you with the best and latest fabrics.

Fabric Warehousing

SCT-Plush can also provide warehouse space for excess fabric. This is ideal when you have a situation where the you place regular orders with us but each individual orders’ quantity is below the MOQ required by the fabric mill. In such a case, we could order the MOQ from the mill and store the excess fabric and use it on the following orders.

Sample Production

Such an important part of the process. In short, we create an initial ‘mock up’ sample. Our main goal here is to agree on a general shape and construction of the plush toy. Then based on your feedback, we create a final “pre-production” sample which includes any changes and final detailing. Once it is approved by you, we begin the plush toy manufacturing.

Providing OEM, Private Labels and SMU

SCT-Plush also offer our clients Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), to private label and special make up (SMU) products.

Arranging Laboratory Tests

SCT-Plush is able to assist our customers in arranging 3rd party laboratory tests of toys when required.  We have worked with Yangzhou Import & Export Toy Inspection Institute of China for many years and therefore get favourable rates for the testing of our plush toys.    

In-House Packaging Options

We offer just about all packaging options. From the simple “hang tag” (a branded card with a character back story or product information that hangs from the plush toy’s ear or hand by a cord, chain or plastic tie) and plastic polybags to more complex packaging designs to originally designed gift boxes and window boxes that provide a larger canvas for branding. We can do it all.

Logistics Assistance

Over the years, we’ve worked with many large American, Australian, European, African and Asian shipping agents to ensure a safe and quick delivery. Geographically, we’re in a  very favourable location on the Pearl River Delta, between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. This gives us minimal FOB costs and less transportation time locally. We mainly ship from Shenzhen and Guangzhou ports and deliver to all the main ports worldwide and because we move large amounts of containers every month we also get favorable prices from our shipping agents. SCT-Plush will in accordance with customers’ requests handle all issues concerning customs clearance or advise accordingly.

 If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact us.